Engineering O’Week is the biggest camp organised by the Faculty of Engineering. Through this camp, freshmen can expect to create long-lasting friendships and take away many memorable experiences! With a greater emphasis on academic matters as compared to earlier camps, O'Week provides freshmen with the opportunity to interact with seniors and department representatives, where they may clarify on academic matters and student life.

The next Engin O'Week will be held right before the commencement of Academic Year 18/19.

Stay tuned for the sign ups!

Engin O'Week 2017 was held between 2 and 4 August, with the participation of over 500 freshmen and seniors, the largest Engineering camp in 2017! The participants embarked on an epic 3-day space adventure with thrilling games like Alien Invasion and Escape Velocity. The freshmen were also given the opportunity to engage professors in a forum regarding academic matters, as well as a guided CORS bidding session with their seniors. We are happy that the freshmen have returned safely from their once-in-a-lifetime space adventure, and we hope they have brought with them friendships and memories!

You may find more information on the Engin O'Week 2017 Facebook Page and Instagram!