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Name: Lee-Hong L

Engineering Major: Electrical Engineering

Module Code: EE2024

Type of Module: Core

Year/Semester of taking module: 1415S2

Difficulty Level: 3

Exam and Assessment Format: 2 Projects, and Exam

Comments on Lecturers and Tutors: Tutorials help with the understanding a lot.

Comments about Module: This is probably the only few classes in EE that provides you with a tangible skill to seek an internship or even a full time time. Highly recommend to take this class as soon as you meet the prerequisite, especially if you want to attempt NOC Silicon Valley.

Recommended Textbook (if applicable):

Workload/Preparation Time Required: 8

What do you like or dislike about this module?: When mastered, seeking an internship in embedded software is easy. Skillsets are directly translatable to an engineering product. Class size could be a bit too big and lectures are a bit dry.

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