Written & oral communication skills. Basics of computer tools used by materials engineers. Notations for points, directions and planes. Basic crystal structures of metals. (BCC, FCC, and HCP), Basic crystal structures of ceramics and semiconductors. Imperfections in Solids covering point defects, line defects, surface defects and grain boundaries, Noncrystalline and semicrystalline materials Mechanical Properties. XRD and impact testing. Tension test and work hardening. Basic phase diagrams.


Intensity of Programming

Average: 4.3/5

Intensity of Lab

Average: 2.3/5

Intensity of calculations

Average: 3.5/5

Intensity of Presentation

Average: 3/5

Intensity of Writing

Average: 2.5/5

Difficulty Level

Average: 3.6/5

Preparation time per week: 4 - 6 hours

Recommended Textbooks / Programming Software:
Materials Science and Engineering An Introduction by Callister

Exam and Assessment format: 
30% MATLAB Assignment
15% Mid-term test on MATLAB
15% another test
16% Oral Presentation
24% Lab Report

Advice on scoring:
Practice MATLAB and drill on the syntax especially loops operations. Do well for each of the MATLAB assignments and you will secure at least 27% out of 30%. Oral Presentation and reporting writing needs to follow CELC format and structure, if you follow then most likely will not go wrong.