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Name: Sheng Ren L

Engineering Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Module Code: ST1131

Type of Module: Core

Year/Semester of taking module: 2016/17 SEM 1

Difficulty Level: 1

Exam and Assessment Format: 30% Mid terms
70% Finals

Mid terms were MCQ based with some fill-in-the-blanks style questions, while finals was a mix of MCQ and open ended. Cheatsheet was allowed for both (2 sided single sheet A4). Would recommend using one side for the midterms and the other for the second half of the sem. They tested quite a bit on definitions for both tests, so don't forget to include them on your cheatsheet.

Comments on Lecturers and Tutors: Lecturer was Prof Wang Junshan. Never attended any tutorials. Prof Wang was decent but some may find her pace/accent difficult to understand.

Comments about Module: ST1131 is quite manageable but the bell curve can be tricky. People who have a good foundation in Statistics from H2 should find the first half of the sem familiar, with newer things being taught (e.g. Confidence Interval) in the second half of the sem.

Recommended Textbook (if applicable): Notes and webcast are sufficient

Workload/Preparation Time Required: 4 hours of lecture a week and 1h tutorial. Cramming everything into your cheatsheet is a good way to study. Took around 3 days for me to do this.

What do you like or dislike about this module?: Lectures were webcasted, so you can watch them at your own pace in case you miss something. Lecture notes were sufficient to understand the key concepts but some parts I had to Google or watch the webcast to clarify. Tutorials questions were straight from the textbook and I feel they were too easy.

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