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Engin oweek 17

31 July - 3 August 2017

Engineering O’Week is the biggest camp in the Faculty of Engineering. In this 4-day camp, you can expect to create long-lasting friendships and take away many memorable experiences with you! The camp will be filled with many activities designed for you to forge bonds with your fellow Engineering batch mates from various disciplines.

Not only will the camp be fun and exciting, O’Week will also provide you the opportunity to interact with your seniors and ask any question related to your course or school. Seniors of your major will be invited to ease your transition into University life and teach you how to bid for modules, cope with your studies, where to find the best food and supper places in school,etc.

So if you’re interested to have fun and prepare for school at the same time, look no further as Engin O’Week 17 is the place to be! Come join us and we look forward to having you as part of the Engin family.



engin camp 17

5TH - 8TH JUNE 2017

Engin Camp 2017 is the first faculty camp for all incoming engineers, regardless of your choice of major. There will be exciting games and activities held exclusively for you! Split into 4 Houses - E N G and R, you will get the chance to mingle with seniors and fellow freshmen from all walks of life! So grab the chance now to bond with your fellow campers over supper; throw water bombs at the opposing orientation group; or just simply sit and talk about life at night.

Join now and be part of this amazing experience!


Engineering Science Camp 2017

15 -16 July

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Mid-June - 12 August

RAG is an annual NUS tradition that started in 1959. The highlight of RAG are the floats, costumes and dances put up by all the faculties and halls of NUS. These performances are a way to show appreciation to the public and fellow students and staff for their donations during NUS' annual Flag day and also an avenue for you to meet new friends who will undoubtedly become part of your Engin family in the next few years of your University life!

As practice and preparation are required for such a big-scale performance, RAG spans across 2 months, from mid-June to early August and therefore, it is the longest FOP that we have! Being the longest spanning FOP sure has its advantages, because you will get the opportunity to meet a ton of people from all Engin courses, and have 2 months of dance rehearsals and float/costume making to forge strong friendships through both hardships and fun times! It is no wonder that Engin Raggers are a tightly knitted bunch! So what are you still waiting for? Indicate your interest now and be part of the Engin Rag family!

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Industrial and Systems Engineering Camp 2017

27 - 30 June

Feeling lost about University? Join us at ISE Camp 2017 as we embark on a fun-filled journey to navigate the depths of NUS to find Dory! ISE Camp promises the adventure of a lifetime, and will definitely leave you with great memories and close friendships. What are you waiting for? Join us in our quest to find Dory now!

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The game show “Mise-en-scène” revolves around the survival fight between 8 well-received Hollywood actors on a dangerous island. Who will be the most talented group of civil and environmentalists for Mis-en-scene? Join us from 10th-13th July this summer for a fun-filled camp of drama and action! And of course, to forge new friendships with your civil and environmental friends!  Express interest in the form below and stay tuned to find out more!

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Materials Science and Engineering Camp 2017

28 June - 1 July

A biohazard has struck upon the place we called home, and the fear of an Apocalypse is looming. Will the fresh talents be able inject some new ideas to save the day? Calling all Materialists, join us in the MSE Camp 2017 from 28th June to 1st July! As we seek out mysteries in our annual freshmen camp, immerse yourself into the MSE community to forge friendships with your peers and seniors! Fun factor is definitely guaranteed! So hesitate no more!

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Biomedical Engineering Camp 2017

12 - 15 June

Legend has it that a particular artifact named Ea has the ability to retain and restore special abilities. The 3 kings, wielders of the Sword Of Damocles, having fought for many years, have exhausted the use of their sword to the limit. With the reappearance of Ea, these 3 kings are recruiting new recruits who will prove themselves worthy through a series of challenges to retrieve it to save their factions from destruction. Join the battle now, Kings: Return of Ea, on 12th – 15th June 2017! As we immerse in the realm of Kings, forge close friendships with your fellow Biomedical Engineering peers and seniors, and prepare to have loads of fun! Sign up now!

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