BOOKING of Benches/tables

Students are allowed to book the benches and/or tables along the corridors within the Faculty of Engineering compound for various purposes.

For more information on the procedures and booking requests, do contact our General Secretary, Tan Xin Ting at or drop us a message here.


Hoping to reach out to the Engineering student population? We are happy to help with your publicity!
Engin Club currently offers the following platforms for publicity:

Electronic Direct Mail: An email blast is sent to all Engineering undergraduates on Wednesdays.

Social Media (Facebook and Instagram): You may consider our social media platforms to increase your outreach!

Telegram Group: Apart from the social media platforms, your messages may also be sent to our students via our Engin Club Telegram Group!

Noticeboards: There are many noticeboards situated within the FoE compound. Students may use these designated boards to publicise their events/activities!


For more information on the procedures and requests, do contact our Vice-President (External), Teo Qi Lin at or drop us a message here.

*NOTE: all hardcopy posters must be approved with a nussu approval stamp before being put up. posters without the stamp may be removed by the school even if they are pasted at designated areas. contact us for more information on the procedures to avoid disappointment!



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