NUS Chemical Engineering Students' Society

National University of Singapore (NUS) Chemical Engineering Students’ Society (ChESS), is a non-profit student organisation that caters to the undergraduate Chemical Engineering student community in NUS. Since 1992, ChESS continues to oversee their welfare and development, is now run by its 25th Management Committee.

Numbering nearly 1300, the Chemical Engineering student population is one of the largest in the Faculty of Engineering, and ChESS is the bridge between the student body, the University and the Industry. Together with the Department of Chemical Engineering, ChESS organises many meaningful activities for the students to make them approach Chemical Engineering as more than just a subject.

With this, ChESS aims to enhance the undergraduate experience for all students during their course of study and strives to make the four years of university a great learning experience for each and everyone of them.



events we run

Project Cheway! 2015

Project Cheway! 2015

  1. Welfare pack giveaway (Sem 1)

  2. Industrial visits and talks

  3. T-shirt and lab coat sales

  4. Special welfare giveaway (before Sem 2 recess week)

  5. Welfare pack giveaway (Sem 2)

  6. Chem-E Challenge

  7. Project Cheway! (OCIP)

  8. Freshmen Welcome Camp 2017 (FWC)

  9. O-Day

Welfare Giveaway Sem 1 AY 16/17

Welfare Giveaway Sem 1 AY 16/17

Freshmen Welcome Camp

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