Planning your modules/semesters

I have uploaded my customizable Schedule Planner for you guys! Use it to track and ensure you have planned out your modules well.

Things to consider when planning:

  • Ensure pre-requisites for each module are cleared in time for higher level modules.
  • Allow some flexibility and contingencies in your planning, there may be instances where you may not be able to get a certain module (out-bidded) or modules not being offered in a particular semester.
  • Check bid point reports on CORS Archives to estimate when you will be able to get high-point modules based on the trends – they differ for Sem 1 and Sem 2 <read bidding wisely under tips for bidding here>
  • Check exam clashes (exam timetables are released for the entire academic year). You may want to take a certain module next semester instead of now, only to find out later on that the exam clashes. (Common for UEMs like ACC1002X)
  • Check the dates and number of exams you have per semester. 6 exams can be very taxing, especially if they are closely packed.
  • Understand the workload requirement of each module. Although you may have taken 6 modules easily in one semester, another 6 modules may be totally different! Some may be content and exam heavy with little CA, while others may require a lot of time for projects and labs. A good mix of both would be optimal. For core modules, feel free to visit the “Course and Modules” tab on this website and check out the module overviews for each year.