Name: Koh Woon S

Engineering Major: Civil Engineering

Module Code: MA1505

Type of Module: Core

Year/Semester of taking module: Y1/S1

Difficulty Level: 4

Exam and Assessment Format: MCQ, short ans

Comments on Lecturers and Tutors: chew tuan seng is a very good lecturer. He is very good at explaining new concepts

Comments about Module: This module should have lesser workload.

Recommended Textbook (if applicable): nil

Workload/Preparation Time Required: 4

What do you like or dislike about this module?: There is webcast to refer to when in doubt:)


Name: Xian Bin W

Module Code: MA1505

Type of Module: Core

Year/Semester of taking module: AY16/17 Sem 1

Difficulty Level: 3

Exam and Assessment Format: MCQ (10 MCQ, 1 hour): 20%
Final Exam (16 qns x 6 marks, 2 hours): 80%

Comments on Lecturers and Tutors: Lecture and tutorial quality do indeed vary *widely* across lecturers and tutors.

Comments about Module: The first half of the module is relatively straightforward, but things start to get quite messy from Fourier series onwards. Hyperbolic functions and the polar coordinate system seem to be assumed knowledge in lecture content.
Final exam tends to focus on speed and accuracy, especially from AY16/17 Sem 1 onwards where the exam format is revised with an increased weightage and a change in question format to prevent candidates from stumbling onto trial solutions via calculators. Most students will find themselves unable to complete all questions. Therefore, the key to score well is to keep doing timed practices for as many final papers as possible (even if the papers are as old as 2006; outdated exam formats do not mean that they are completely useless!). A good and thorough cheat sheet (strictly 1 A4 piece only, double sided, handwritten) is essential. For example to save time in exams also include derived stuff such as all common integrals of products of functions for Fourier.
Key new topics: (1) Power series, (2) Taylor series, (3) Fourier series, (4) Vector functions and space curves, (5) Multivariable functions, (6) Multiple Integrals, (7) Line Integrals, (8) Surface Integrals

Recommended Textbook (if applicable): Thomas' Calculus 11th Edition

Workload/Preparation Time Required: 2 hours a week

What do you like or dislike about this module?: Dislikes:
- The absolutely horrendous timing for the mid-term test (i.e. late night)
- The final exam dominates the module grading, therefore much is at stake for finals. Practising past year papers is critically essential.
- The final exam focuses too much on working speed with an infeasible time limit.
- A very steep learning curve, with the lecture pace of introductory chapters being too slow, but becoming too fast by the time they reach multivariable calculus which is essentially the gist of this whole module.

- Topics covered in the mid-term test may not be covered for the final exam.