ENGIN FREshmen orientation programme

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Engin camp

Engin Camp is an annual Faculty of Engineering camp organised by seniors for the freshmen. With the participation of more than 300 participants, Engin Camp is a great avenue for freshmen to meet their fellow engineers before they embark on their engineering journey here in NUS! Packed with exciting activities and games, freshmen can look forward to an enriching experience and forge lasting memories! All Engineering freshmen are invited to join.

Engin Camp 2018 has concluded!

Biomedical engineering (BME) camp

Organised by BME Club for Biomedical Engineering freshmen.

Engin rag

Engin Rag is part of NUSSU Rag & Flag, an annual charity project which brings students from all faculties together. Engin Rag features a spectacular performance by Engineering students, embellished with the elaborate and colourful floats designed by our own students. Rag serves as an appreciation to the NUS community and general public for their generous donations and support!

Mechanical engineering camp

Organised by the NUS Society of Mechanical Engineering (SME) for Mechanical Engineering freshmen.

Chemical engineering students' society (Chess) camp

Organised by the NUS Chemical Engineering Students' Society (ChESS) for Chemical Engineering freshmen.

Industrial AND sYSTEMS engineering (ISE) camp

Organised by the NUS Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Club for ISE freshmen.

Materials science and engineering camp

Organised by the NUS Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Club for MSE freshmen.

Civil and Environmental Engineering (CESE) Camp

Organised by the NUS Civil Engineering (CE) Club and NUS Environmental Science and Engineering Students' Club (ESESC) for Civil and Environmental Engineering freshmen. 

Engineering Science Programme (ESP) camp

Organised by the ESP Club for ESP freshmen.

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Electrical and computer engineering (ECE) camp

Organised by the ECE Club for Electrical and Computer Engineering freshmen.

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Engin orientation week (o'week)

Engineering O’Week is the biggest camp organised by the Faculty of Engineering. Through this camp, freshmen can expect to create long-lasting friendships and take away many memorable experiences! With a greater emphasis on academic matters as compared to earlier camps, O'Week provides freshmen with the opportunity to interact with seniors and department representatives, where they may clarify on academic matters and student life. All Engineering freshmen are invited to join.