Frequently asked questions

Answers supplemented by courtesy of Assoc. Prof. Yung,
Vice-Dean of Undergraduate Programmes

  1. Is CFG1010 Roots & Wings 1.0 a Faculty of Engineering (FoE) requirement module for graduation?
    No, it is not required for graduation of FoE students.
  2. What is the weightage given to the interview aspect and academics aspect in the Faculty of Engineering (FoE) Student Exchange Program (SEP) eligibility criteria?
    Academics - 50%, Interview - 50%.

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  3. Why are Faculty of Engineering (FoE) students (not inclusive of students from certain programs) not allowed to overload in their first semester of their first year in NUS?
    Firstly, this is to help students cope with the workload of university and ease their transition into university life. Secondly, this is to prevent certain students from intentionally or unintentionally exploiting the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) option. The true spirit of the purpose of S/U option is to allow students to choose an uninhibited approach to learning in university where they do not have to fret as much over his or her academic performance during the first semester (Provost’s Office, 2016).

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  4. Why are most Faculty of Engineering (FoE) students not allowed to take Vacation Internship Program (VIP) in replacement of Industrial Attachment (IA)?
    Partner companies have given feedback that they do not prefer having students opting for VIP since students will learn lesser from as well as contribute lesser to the companies during the shorter period attached to the companies in comparison to a longer period attached to companies for students opting for IA.

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  5. Why is there a delay in release of Student Exchange Program (SEP) results for students who applied for SEP in Academic Year 2016/2017 Semester 1?
    The office in charge of SEP experienced technical issues with the new system (which replaced the old system OPAS) used to process the SEP applications.
  6. Why is there a difference in points given in the General and/or Program accounts to students from different faculties?
    Since the faculties have varying program requirements, different amount of points are given to students from different faculties.