Engin Rag is part of NUSSU Rag & Flag, an annual charity project which brings students from all faculties together. Engin Rag features a spectacular performance by Engineering students, embellished with the elaborate and colourful floats designed by our own students. Rag serves as an appreciation to the NUS community and general public for their generous donations and support!

The next Engin Rag will start work during the summer of 2018.


Congratulations to Engin Rag 2017 for attaining the Gold Award! It has been five years since we last received Gold.

With about 200 participants in total, the different departments (Dance, Float and Costumes) worked tirelessly together to put up an amazing performance. Although the Gold Award was a call for celebration, it was more important that the freshmen had an enriching experience and forged long-lasting friendships with their fellow batchmates and seniors!