Engin Rag is part of NUSSU Rag & Flag, an annual charity project which brings students from all faculties together. Engin Rag features a spectacular performance by Engineering students, embellished with the elaborate and colourful floats designed by our own students. Rag serves as an appreciation to the NUS community and general public for their generous donations and support!

Engin Rag will start work during the Summer of 2019, from 24 June to 10 August.

RAG Preview day: 16 and 18 June.

RAG Camp: 20 - 22 June.

Stay tuned to find out more. Do visit Engin Rag’s Facebook and Instagram page:

Engin Rag attained silver in 2018!
With about
200 participants in total, the different departments (Dance, Float and Costumes) worked tirelessly together to put up an amazing performance.