Engineering O’Camp is the biggest camp in the Faculty of Engineering. In this 4-day camp, you can expect to create long-lasting friendships and take away many memorable experiences with you! The camp will be filled with many activities designed for you to forge bonds with your fellow Engineering batch mates from various disciplines.

Not only will the camp be fun and exciting, O’Camp will also provide you the opportunity to interact with your seniors and ask any question related to your course or school. Seniors of your major will be invited to ease your transition into University life and teach you how to bid for modules, cope with your studies, where to find the best food and supper places in school,etc.

So if you’re interested to have fun and prepare for school at the same time, look no further as Engin O’Camp 17 is the place to be! Come join us and we look forward to having you as part of the Engin family. Sign up here!



eNGIN o'week 15:

Every year, ENGIN Club would host the Orientation Week for the freshmen of the Faculty of Engineering, and Engin O'Week 15 was a success!

We would like to thank our Sponsors as without their support, this event wouldn't be a success!

Sponsors of Engin O Week 2015

Sponsors of Engin O Week 2015