review 1

Name: Xian Bin W

Engineering Major: Chemical Engineering

Module Code: CM1502

Type of Module: Core

Year/Semester of taking module: AY15/16 Sem 2

Difficulty Level: 3

Exam and Assessment Format: 2 electronic quizzes (15%, open book + laptop w/o internet)
3 practical lab reports (20%)
IVLE quiz participation (10%)
Tutorial participation (5%)
Electronic final exam (50%, open book + laptop w/o internet)

Comments on Lecturers and Tutors: Lecturer is enthusiastic and knowledge in subject matter. Face-to-face (F2F) sessions cover some aspects of lecture content that are more in-depth (e.g. exceptions in electronic configurations of transitional metals), and are not just mere recaps of lecture content.

Comments about Module: A relatively straightforward module which is a revision of Physical and General Chemistry concepts followed by an extension into key industrial processes in Organic Chemistry. For students with GCE A Level Chemistry the overlap in content should be about 40%. There are however specific topics that are much more challenging with a steep learning curve such as Spectroscopy.

Recommended Textbook (if applicable): Chemistry ‐ the Molecular Nature of Matter and Change, 7th Edn., Silberberg and Amateis, McGraw‐Hill Education, 2015

Workload/Preparation Time Required: 2-3 hours per week (depending on when one has tutorials and lab reports)

What do you like or dislike about this module?: Likes: The content coverage which is more of a touch-and-go style but still sufficiently substantial. The focus is more on the understanding behind key concepts.
Dislikes: None

review 2

Name: Vanessa Zi Yan N

Engineering Major: Environmental Engineering

Module Code: CM1502

Type of Module: Core

Year/Semester of taking module: Y1S1

Difficulty Level: 5

Exam and Assessment Format: Softest

Comments on Lecturers and Tutors: The lecturer is weak at noticing the problems that students have. Her notes are not organised

Comments about Module: I tink it will be more understandable if the lecturer was clearer.
The module is not easy especially since environmental students are taking it with chem eng students.

Recommended Textbook (if applicable):

Workload/Preparation Time Required: 3

What do you like or dislike about this module?: It is quite interesting

review 3