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Name: Anson L

Engineering Major: Civil Eng

Module Code: CE1109

Type of Module: Core

Year/Semester of taking module: Y1/S1

Difficulty Level: 4

Exam and Assessment Format: 40% Finals

20% Mid-terms

40% Bridge Design + Flipped Classroom presentation + Online quizzes (every week)

Comments on Lecturers and Tutors: Lecturer was Prof Ang and Prof Qian. There is only one lecture slot so there is not much of a choice. Both are fine. Cannot remember who was my tutor.

Comments about Module: Module had plenty of continual assessments, which could be quite irritating at times and you must constantly remember to do your online quizzes. Flipped classroom means that students have to do the teaching so do be prepared when your turn comes and take note of when there are tutorials because it is not held every week. Lecturer could be going through the topics very fast and they build up on each other so it is important to be up to date with the topics.

Recommended Textbook (if applicable): NA

Workload/Preparation Time Required: Heavy/ 4h per week

What do you like or dislike about this module?: The tutorials were quite hard to prepare for as they demand quite a lot of knowledge, which we were lacking as it was an introductory module. There were also insufficient practice but given the nature of design there is no way to practise everything so just have to get used to the discomfort.

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