41st Management Committee Poster and future updates

Happy Chinese New Year to all Engin students and alumni!

We finally have a poster for our 41st Management Committee, overseeing various cells of NUS Engin Club! For the year 2019, we project to host many events, one being Engin Day on the 23rd January 2019, the next will be Engin Lepak Week, Engination which is our inaugral hackathon competition, our semester 2 Engin Welfare Pack Giveaway round 2, and last but not least, The Freshmen Orientation Programmes!

Also if you would like to check out more about our roles and responsibilities, click here, alternatively it is under “About” -> “41st Management Committee”.

Do check out this page more often as we unveil more updates which includes but not limited to:

  • ENGR House Committee members!

  • Rag Committtee!

  • Engin Camp and O’week committee!

  • Business committee!

Remember to subscribe to our Facebook page (if you have not done so) if you want to see yourself being featured by our resident professional photographer, Derrick, who is our communications director! For announcements and other ad-hoc opportunities, please subscribe to our Telegram channel too! Links are clickable down below on the home page for y’all lazy asses haha!