Now Recruiting: Sub-Committees members!

Hello fellow engineers!

Engin Club is recruiting for sub-committee members!
If you're an enthusiastic individual and want to play a part in bringing vibrancy to the Engineering community, why not consider our sub-committees?

Committees still recruiting people:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Welfare
  • Student Life
  • Public Relations
  • Publications
  • Flag
  • O'Week
  • Rag
  • Camp
  • Sports

Here's your chance! Throw yourself into the sea of possibilities together with Engin Club, take up a position in our sub-committees -- not only is this an opportunity to play a part in our faculty, but also for you to learn new skills and make new friends!

Interested parties, register your interest here and visit our Facebook page for more information on our sub-committees!

Alternatively, you can come find us at our recruitment booth:
Date: 5 Oct (Wed)
Time: 10am - 6pm
Location: Benches outside LT6, along E4 walkway