Engin Club Exam Welfare Pack giveaway (AY2017/18 Semester 1)

On 16th Nov 2017, our Engin Club Welfare Committee (a.k.a Welfairies) distributed the highly-anticipated Exam Welfare Pack to the engineering population.

The welfare pack consisted of a variety of yummy snacks, facial wash and stationeries that seeks to provide that energy supply and refreshments you need to sustain your long 'mugging' nights.

Exam Welfare Pack distribution counter

Exam Welfare Pack distribution counter

Cotton candy and popcorn booth!

Cotton candy and popcorn booth!

Along with the Exam Welfare Pack giveaway, there were also T-shirt sales, game booths and other activities led by Business, Student Life and Flag committees.

T-shirt sales by Business committee

T-shirt sales by Business committee

Game Booths by Student Life committee

Game Booths by Student Life committee

Activities by Engin Flag committee

Activities by Engin Flag committee

The EWP was very well-received and Engin Club 40th Management Committee would like to thank all of you for your support! This event is only made possible by the students who facilitate the session, coupled with your active participation!

We hope you had as much fun as we did! All the best for final exam preparations!

Engin Club Welfairies

Engin Club Welfairies

Engin Club 40th Management Committee

Engin Club 40th Management Committee

Waa Cow! NUS Exam Welfare (15 NOV 2017)


Waa Cow! has kindly offer NUS students a 1-for-1 Exam Welfare Deal!
Only valid on 15th November 2017, 4pm onwards! 

Redemption Instructions:
1. Repost this on your IG
2. Tag your friends & let them know la!
3. Show your post on 15 Nov, 4pm onwards with your valid NUS Student ID & Claim your 1 For 1 Offer.
*Redemption only with IG Repost & Valid NUS Student ID; Only at the Waa Cow! NUS Outlet.

Engin Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway!

Engin Club's Welfare Committee, Welfairies, will be conducting the long-awaited Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway for y'all on 16th November 2017 (THU)! Head down to the area outside LT6 to collect your welfare packs while stocks last! Do look out for games and shirt sales too! 



1 Complete this online survey: http://bit.ly/ewp1718sem1 

2 Look for us at the area outside LT6

3 From the Survey Form, Click Profile -> Activity -> Exam Welfare Pack survey AY17/18 Semester 1 and show the submission form details with your Matriculation Card to redeem the welfare pack.


Please remember to bring along your Matriculation Card for verification purposes during the distribution day.

See you!

welfare day poster 6.jpg

40th MC Sub-Committee Recruitment Welcome Tea Session

sub-comm recruitment.jpg

Want to find out more about how YOU can make a difference in the Faculty of Engineering? Come join us at our Welcome Tea Session to interact with our Project Directors as they share with you their projects for the upcoming term! Join us and be part of a fun-filled and enriching journey where friendships are forged and memories are created. So what are you waiting for! Hurry and sign up for the committees below! 

Welcome Tea (Dinner provided)
Date: 21st September 2017, Thursday
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Location: E4-04-03 (beside LT6)

More information at http://tinyurl.com/enginclubwriteup
Signup at http://tinyurl.com/enginclubrecruitment

Recognising Our Stars: Non-Academic Achievements

The NUS Students' Engineering Club would like to show appreciation for the below NUS Faculty of Engineering (FoE) students who have represented FoE in recognized competitions or events under the jurisdiction of NUS and/or external organizations from academic year 16/17 onwards:

1. FoE Inter-Faculty Games (IFG) Tennis Team

The IFG Tennis Team has trained hard and fought even harder during the matches this year to claim first place despite having faced tough matches against the Faculty of Business and Faculty of Medicine.


2. Team Smiley

Team Smiley is comprised of a group of final year FoE students (third year engineering student, Lim Yong Zhi; and fourth year mechanical and electrical engineering students Chan Wai Yang, Jiao Yang, Huang Shi Yang) who recently participated in the Project Arduino Competition organised by Thales last year. They have already gone through the initial stages of the competition and emerged to represent Singapore as one of the seven regions which are participating in the competition: France, UK, USA, Netherlands, China and Hong Kong.

Team Smiley is currently seeking votes to emerge as global winners. The top three videos with the most votes will be put before a jury of Thales experts to decide who will win a trip to a Thales Research Centre in one of the regions participating and who will be crown global winners of Project Arduino 2016/17!

Feel free to read their featured article on CIO-Asia/ComputerWorld Singapore digital article at http://www.cio-asia.com/tech/industries/nus-students-develop-a-pressure-sensitive-keypad-to-bolster-atm-security-in-singapore/ and have the post shared on NUS Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/nus.singapore/posts/10154792894578540. For more information regarding this competition or you would like to cast a vote for Team Smiley, please head to https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/careers/news/project-arduino-201617-has-launched.


The NUS Students' Engineering Club would like to applaud these students once again and hope that by giving recognition to these students and/or teams, it will inspire fellow NUS FoE students (YOU!) to do the same by stepping out to represent FoE and to take pride in our faculty!

Calling for Module Reviews!



Engin Club is rolling out a new module review initiative for the benefit of all Engineering students 🤓🤓! We are seeking YOUR help to build a central collection of module reviews to be featured on our website 🙌🙌.

Share your experiences and make your contribution to the FoE community👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👧!

Head to http://enginclub.com/submit-reviews/ and lend a helping hand. ❤💜

Now Recruiting: Sub-Committees members!

Hello fellow engineers!

Engin Club is recruiting for sub-committee members!
If you're an enthusiastic individual and want to play a part in bringing vibrancy to the Engineering community, why not consider our sub-committees?

Committees still recruiting people:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Welfare
  • Student Life
  • Public Relations
  • Publications
  • Flag
  • O'Week
  • Rag
  • Camp
  • Sports

Here's your chance! Throw yourself into the sea of possibilities together with Engin Club, take up a position in our sub-committees -- not only is this an opportunity to play a part in our faculty, but also for you to learn new skills and make new friends!

Interested parties, register your interest here and visit our Facebook page for more information on our sub-committees!

Alternatively, you can come find us at our recruitment booth:
Date: 5 Oct (Wed)
Time: 10am - 6pm
Location: Benches outside LT6, along E4 walkway

39th Management Committee Elections

Hi Engineering Students!

As the new academic term starts, the 38th management committee (MC) is starting to wrap up on our final few weeks in our terms of service. The elections for the upcoming MC will be happening this coming week, and the latest details for the elections can be found at http://enginclub.com/elections.

We have decided to include a 2 additional positions, signifying additional areas that EnginClub would like to focus upon. From a recent survey done in the previous semester, 1/4 of the responses preferred EnginClub to focus more on the academic aspect of the undergrad's life here in NUS, and we have decided to add an academics director into the positions for the 39th MC. the The NUSSU Rag and Flag is a key component in the NUSSU calendar of events, and as one of the constituent clubs of NUSSU, we have a stake in the success of the event. Most of our students have heard of Rag, and many have been part of it as well, with huge credits to the previous generations of Rag directors over the years. We have however been lacking in the Flag department, and it has been decided to include the Flag director, a person focused in not just the "flagging" aspect of the position, but also the continued interactions and contributions to our adopted beneficiaries and extended communities. Read up more on the roles and responsibilities of each position here: https://goo.gl/yoWpIu.

Do head over to the elections page, once again at http://enginclub.com/elections, for the latest updates to the elections, and to take a look at the positions available and their job scopes, you might be asked to join the elected directors' committees, and even one day see yourself running for a position in EnginClub or NUSSU in the future. If you do wish to run for this election, head on over to https://orgsync.com/134642/forms/210174 to indicate your interest.

We would like to stress that the elections involves every undergraduate student in the faculty of engineering, be it through the external elections, or knowing who is running for the positions in the elections and their motivations for doing so. We hope that the student body would gradually be more involved in the activities of EnginClub for years to come.


Phua Han Siang
Financial Secretary
38th Management Committee
NUS Students' Engineering Club

Changes to Bus Service

Hi Engineering Students!

As you would have seen in your email, there are changes to the existing Bus services, most notably to the UTown - Central Library bus service. The Office of Campus Amenities (OCA) had consulted NUSSU and Engin Club regarding this change, and we do agree this will serve our students well.

However, the success of this trial would be dependent on students giving it try, as the implementation of this change will be dependent on the usage and receptiveness of it.  As this change is directed towards the students of the Faculty of Engineering, it will be beneficial for us to make this change permanent.

So do spread the word about this change! Get your friends to give it a try! If you have any feedback or suggestions on the bus services, do let us know as well.

Good luck! And may the curve be ever in your favor.

Phua Han Siang
38th Financial Secretary