Module Bidding

Highly recommended step-by-step guide can be found on CORS1001

Which Modules in which round?

This can get kinda confusing, especially with all the module codes and differences in Sem 1 and Sem 2. Please refer to the tables below for the various modules available in different rounds.

Another part where students tend to be confused or mess up is the breakdown of spaces for each module (in the archive or while bidding). First, “New Student” refers to those in their first 2 semesters (i.e. Year 1s), while “Returning Student” refers to the rest of the population. Some slots are allocated to new students in order to make it a fair fight (they will have lesser points) as they will only be competing against each other. However, if you fail to get the module, you can bid together with the rest in the following rounds, if there are still places left.


Protected Modules

Note: Protected modules are also known as serviced ULR modules.

Protected Mods are those that are reserved for your specific discipline/faculty in the earlier rounds. The first advantage is that a certain number of spots are put aside for you, and you do not need to compete with the whole of NUS in bidding. Secondly, you will be using your Program account (P points) to bid for these modules, which turns out to be a huge advantage, as Engineering students only get 250 points in their General Account each semester, while other faculties such as FASS get 750 points. It would be very difficult to fight with them for UEMs using G points. Thirdly, you get to bid for protected modules from round 1A onwards, and should you not get it, it is still early and you could find an alternative module if necessary.

Admitted before AY15/16

Protected Modules have a different module type code, and are under<Compulsory Cross Faculty Modules 29>. It is under a different list under CORS when you are adding the module, so be careful here. If you choose it under module type code U9 or 09, CORS will tell you that the module is only available for bidding from round 2A onwards.

Admitted from AY15/16

You can only start bidding for serviced ULR modules from round 2A onwards. Modules for you are found under their new codes, GEXXXXX instead of SSAXXXX for example. you can find the list of serviced modules for the upcoming semester in the hyperlink.


Bidding Wisely

Please scrutinize the archives for the module types carefully to plan your strategy for acquiring the module you need. Firstly, compare archives in the same semester that you are bidding in. Semester 1 and 2 tend to have different trends and cut-off points. You could also compare across the 2 to plan which semester to take the module. However, please be aware of possible clashes or workload, it might not be worth it to save on the points (I mean there is a reason why everyone bids in this particular sem right?). You can read more about module planning on my Course Overviewpage.

Secondly, look at bid points across rounds. Due to the presence of protected mods and/or new/returning student classification, more slots may open up in later rounds and you could possibly get a mod that was expensive in earlier rounds for just 1 point.